Sunday, 20 January 2013

Windows 7 Backup

 Backup Files and Folders in Windows 7

Windows 7  backup and restore options can be found by going to Start, Control Panel, Backup and Restore . If that’s a bit too much like hard work you can just go to Start and in the Search Programs and Files window type in “Back” and select from the options Backup and Restore. This will open the window shown below.

On the center of the window in the Backup section select Change settings.
First we tell the program where to put the backup. I’m choosing my Western Digital My Passport USB hard disk here.

On the next window I select Let Me Chose. This will allow me not to make a System Image when I backup and allow me to chose which folders I want to add to the backup.

I'm going to chose to backup all my documents, those are in the folder called ENGINEERING\rolfe.james's libraries, 
and the folders called Data and Share

Click Next and before we save our settings Windows allows us to review them.

If you are happy with those choices click Save settings and exit


After saving our settings we are returned to the Backup and Restore window we started from. On here we select Backup now. Windows starts the backup and provides a helpful progress bar.

And that's it! Files and Folder backup with Windows 7 is simple and intuative.

There is also an option to schedule backups so it's hard not to do!


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